Increase your online sales, the most efficient apps are here to help

Product catalog

Extend your online product catalog based on the particular characteristics of your store. The apps in this section allow you to add digital products (downloads), help you manage product variants with greater ease and so much more.

Digital content
Sell digital products in your store - ebooks, audiobooks, music, games, software or images!
Product lines
Install the application to group products with similar characteristics in the store, in the form of product lines.
Product bundles
Associate several products that the customer must purchase together, in order to receive a special price.
Custom order
Allow your customers to upload, along with the sending of the order, the content for personalizing the products included in it.
Use different managements, warehouses and stock locations and also optimize inventory management flows.
Stock manager
Efficiently and centrally manage the stocks in your store and optimize the supply and reception processes.
Product labels
Generate and print product labels displaying information such as product name, SKU, price, QR code etc.
Multi Store
Use the same inventory across two stores and keep your stock synchronised, updated and current across all locations.
Product warranties
Generate warranty documents and assign them to your store's products.
Install the app and transform your online shop into a marketplace!
Recurring orders & subscriptions
Allow your customers to automatically place recurring orders in the store for the purchase of subscription products.
Products compare
Give your visitors the opportunity to compare directly into the store the characteristics of the products they are interested in.


Offer your customers an authentic shopping experience. The Design apps help you present your products in a more convincing manner or offer you the tools you need to optimize the interaction with your shop's visitors.

Recently viewed products
Install the app and display the Recently viewed products module in your shop.
Install the app and display the customer testimonials module in your shop.
Magic zoom
Allow your customers to view the product images in detail by hovering the cursor over the photos.
360 Slider
Create 360-degree photo galleries for the products in your store!
Custom 404 page
Align the format of the 404 page with the design theme of your website and improve customer retention in the store.


Get more traffic, increase your sales and turn your customers into loyal ones. By using our Marketing apps, it will be easier for you to have your visitors return to your website or to ask your customers for feedback about their experience in your store or for product reviews. Use the right apps to improve your search engine indexing and to easily monitor your marketing performance.

Sign up for Newsletter
Install the app in order to display the Newsletter signup module in your shop.
Favorite Products
Offer your shop visitors the option to add products to their Favorites list!
Google Search Console
Automatically send your shop's sitemap to Google, for higher indexing in search engine results!
Product reviews
Allow customers to leave reviews about your products and website with the MerchantPro reviews app!
Facebook Pixel
Automatically install the Facebook Pixel in the store, in order to run and monitor Facebook advertising campaigns.
Connect your list of newsletter subscribers with MailChimp and automate the sending of emails to them.
Google Ads
Set up conversion tracking for your Google Ads campaigns!
Automatically customize the communication with each website visitor to increase the sales of your online store.
Create a blog perfectly integrated with your online store to improve SEO performance and attract website traffic.
Install the TikTok pixel in the store to optimize and monitor your campaigns on this platform.
Customer Feedback
Collect feedback regarding your store and product reviews from your customers.
Install the application and automate your email marketing campaigns by connecting to the Newsman system.
Back in stock notifications
Send automatic notifications to your customers when the products selected by them are back in stock.
Automate through AI technology the customer segmentation and the display of personalized product recommendations in the store.
Make your customers loyal and monetize your newsletter campaigns with the help of a complete email marketing solution.
Loyalty points
Offer the possibility of accumulating loyalty points for customers who place orders or complete other actions in the store!
Connect your store to the 2Perfomant affiliate marketing platform and pay affiliates strictly on the basis of the sales generated!
Install the app and grow your eCommerce business using Releva's All-in-one AI automation solution.
Affiliate program
Create your own affiliate program or referral system for customers that recommend you and generate sales.
Install the application and monitor the performance of your campaigns in the Glami platform.
Automatically generate the specific product feed and set the tracking to monitor your Pinterest campaigns.
Install the application and monitor the results generated by the campaigns you run in Biano.
Connect your store with Klaviyo and create fully automated email marketing campaigns.
Install the application to automate retargeting campaigns in the Criteo network.
RTB House
Install the application and create fully automated retargeting campaigns in the RTB House network.
Sync your store's customer base with Sendinblue and fully automate your email marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Improve the presence of your online shop on social media! These apps make it easier for you to interact with potential customers and allow for a seamless integration between your shop and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more.

Facebook Share
Allow visitors to share the content of your store in their Facebook accounts.
Facebook Login
Allow customers to authenticate in the store through their own Facebook login data.
Facebook Comments
Allow users' reviews to be shared on the website and on Facebook and get extra visibility for your shop.
Activate comments through Disqus and increase interactivity in your online store.


Provide your clients with the option to pay online or offline, for a safe and comfortable shopping experience. By adding a multitude of payment methods, you will be able to build customer trust and to minimize cart abandonment.

Bank / Wire transfer
Install the application to accept wire transfer payment for the orders placed in your store.
Paypal payment
Integrate your store with PayPal and provide your customers with an all-in-one online payment solution.
Install the app and enable the virtual wallet feature for your shop's customers or affiliates.
Allow your customers to pay online with their card in the store through Stripe, quickly and without redirects.
Skrill payment
Connect your store with Skrill and allow customers to make payments without disclosing personal financial information.
2Checkout payment
Install 2Checkout and allow customers from anywhere to make online payments in your store, simply, safely and quickly.
Global Payments payment
Give your customers the opportunity to pay online with the card for the orders in the store, through the Global Payments solution.
Paysera payment
It activates the Paysera solution in the store and allows both online payment with the credit card, as well as based on the payment initiation service (open banking).
Integrate your store with Mollie and offer your customers instant access to multiple payment options for paying their orders.
Viva Wallet payment
Allow online card payments through one of the most modern processing solutions at European level!
Integrate your store with Twispay, a flexible, secure and fast online card payment processing solution.
Authorize payment
Offer your store's customers the opportunity to make online card payments through
ING Web Pay payment
Integrate your store with the ING Web Pay service and offer customers the possibility to pay for orders by card, in complete safety.
SecurePay payment
SecurePay payment system helps over 20,000 businesses accept payments with complete solutions for eCommerce and billing.
CardSave payment
Activate CardSave payment in your store to quickly and safely process online credit card payments.
PayU Turkey payment
Install the PayU app and offer your customers a simple, fast and secure online card payment method for orders.


It all starts when a client places an order in your online shop. The Billing app allows you to generate all the needed fiscal documents, such as proformas, invoices or receipts.

Generate invoices and receipts with the help of the MerchantPro Accounting application.
Custom Proforma
Personalize the proforma invoices from the store by inserting the logo, displaying QR codes and other elements.

Client Service

Offer your clients an exceptional experience! Get in touch with potential customers while they browse your website and provide them with real-time chat support or assistance by email or phone. You will achieve a better conversion rate and minimize cart abandonment.

Zopim Chat
Chat in real time with your website visitors and offer them the assistance they need to complete their orders.
Live chat Talk with the customers of your store and offer them assistance in real time right during the shopping session.
Chat with your visitors in real time while they are visiting your site, in order to offer them consultancy.


Purchase and setup an SSL certificate for your shop's domain. It will help you build customer trust, while your clients will enjoy a completely safe shopping experience in your store.

Comodo Plus SSL Certificate
Increase the trust of your website visitors by purchasing and installing a Comodo Plus SSL certificate in your store.
Globe Pro SSL Certificate
Purchase a Globe SSL Certificate valid for 12 months, set it on your shop domain and increase visitors' trust in your website!
Dedicated IP
Purchase a Dedicated IP for 12 months in your online store, to strengthen your reputation and increase your website's performance.


This category provides access to additional tools that allow you to bring new features to your store. We are constantly developing new apps to help you grow your online business.

Monitor or restrict your problematic customers' access to placing orders or other functions in the store.
Google reCAPTCHA
Install the application and prevent the registration of fake users or other types of abusive activities in your website.
Return Form
Allow your customers to initiate returns, cancel orders or request product exchanges.
Email Monitor
Monitor the history of emails sent from the system to customers, as well as their delivery status.
Auto Translator
Easily address buyers from other countries with the automatic translation functionality of your store's content.
Editor Pro
Automatically add catalog content, using the power of AI
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